Petition & Letters

It is no secret that anti-Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) sentiment has been on the rise, resulting in many unfortunate incidents involving AAPI victims. We believe that we can address this issue at its roots by fostering a better understanding of the long-established roles of AAPI in American history with more inclusive, comprehensive education.

In 2022, we worked to pass the Asian American & Pacific Islander History Inclusion Act (PA House Bill 1917) which would have help to incorporate AAPI history & culture into PA K-12 curriculum standards. AAPI history is American history and it is
important that
all our students see this history in their classrooms.

The Asian American & Pacific Islander History Inclusion Act expired in December 2022.

Once a similar bill is introduced, we will be asking for community members to sign a new petition and to write to their legislators. Organizations can still reach out to us if they are interested in co-sponsoring our efforts.